Why you should take family photos on vacation

Why take family pictures on vacation?! Amongst the business of picking a destination, planning an itinerary, and packing - you might think that adding family photos on top could be a bit much. But I hope that the photos below speak for themselves, and here are a couple reasons why I think you should take family photos on your next vacation!

Everyone is more relaxed!

You are already in vacation mode! You aren't as worried about hustling home from work, getting kids (and maybe your S/O) ready, and then to your family session. Your schedule also provides more availability! You can plan ahead to have the day be a fun family day, and end with family photos. I can bet that everyone's in a better mood for family photos following a fun day spent on vacation. Being on vacation gives a new vibe to your family photos that gives everyone a relaxed feel to have more fun interacting and creating memories with your family.

A new backdrop than your typical family photo spot

This might be my favorite reason why I love family photos on vacation. No matter what state you're in, there's probably a go to location that you are drawn to or your photographer loves to recommend! And while there's absolutely nothing wrong with this (you guys know.. I swoon over a beautiful MN field) it is so refreshing to get family photos done with a new scenery - and something new and beautiful to print for your walls in your home! Below is such a great example! The Griffith family wanted their photos to be taken in Alys Beach .. and I was BLOWN away! This was a bit of a drive from Jacksonville, but it was sooo worth it. Nothing can beat the crisp white lines of the architecture. And after we hit the beach for an ocean backdrop in Blue Mountain Beach FL along 30A. ALSO beautiful! And although we have taken their family photos at Excelsior Beach on Lake Minnetonka - the ocean is just a little more "grand" ;)

The next time you plan a family vacation, take a few minutes to explore photographers in the area you're heading to and see if something can line up to capture some special family memories.