Why an engagement session?

OKAYYY EMILY & TYLER!! I am constantly blown away and reminded of how grateful I am to have such amazing couples to get to know and photograph. The second Emily & I had our initial phone call, we were fast friends - and that is something that I value so much! I want to not only deliver beautiful photos, but also be a friend on your wedding day and into your future life events. Such a big part to connecting and getting to know each other starts at an engagement session. And there's so many reasons to write off an engagement session, but here are three reasons why I recommend one!

They're FUN

Engagement sessions don't have to be a huge production or a something to check off your list for save the dates. They are an evening of fun with your fiancé and your photographer. Amongst the busy-ness of choosing your venue, florist, and all the vendors, color choices, food (you see what I mean), the engagement session is a break in the planning flurry for you to take a step back and remember what all of the planning has been about. Emily knew she was after a field location - and Eden Prairie bluffs fit that perfectly! We decided to start in Excelsior so that we could get both the water feel and walk through the cute town. We were so lucky with the most beautiful summer day and a golden hour you can only dream of!

They get you COMFORTABLE with your photographer

Engagement sessions allow you to connect with your photographer before they are with you for the entirety of your wedding day. Being comfortable with your photographer is so important so that you feel like yourself in front of the camera. You also get to know your photographers style to posing and interacting with the couple, so you know exactly what to expect on your big day. On the other hand, it is also so beneficial for your photographer to see the chemistry you and your fiancé have, and what posing and prompts work best for you two! Not all poses are universal, so this gives us a leg up for your wedding day and we already know what your favorite poses are that showcase the love you share. And in this case with Emily & Tyler.. the tip-toed kiss! It doesn't get sweeter!

You get beautiful photos

Lastly, you get beautiful photos that capture the engagement season of your relationship. The photos are almost always taken in a unique location from your wedding, giving you variety and more casual photos to look back on. I was recently chatting with someone who was debating on if they need an engagement session or not, and they mentioned that their friend said that their engagement photos were their favorite to look back on and specifically to print to hang around your home! My advice is to not approach an engagement session as checking something off the list, but as a special date night and photos to preserve your days engaged.

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