What started out as a side hobby, and a way to pay for college books, turned into a business and career that I couldn’t of dreamed up! Photography is FUN, rewarding, and I’m so lucky to call my creative outlet my JOB! I have learned so much since I started photography in 2016. I’ve been mentored, poured my time and heart into education, and I’m excited to share all I know to give the confidence and base for a budding photographer, someone who is in a funk, or just looking to fine tune skills to capture your own friends and family. I am excited to connect!


Camera 101

How do I get this thing out of auto?!
1 - 2 hour session in person reviewing your camera, settings & how to use it best for what you want to capture! This is perfect for mom or dad who wants to take better pictures of their special family memories


Camera 101 + workflow

Everything in camera 101 + reviewing my work flow, editing, softwares used.
2-4 hours in person.



Gain Confidence

Walk away with a gained confidence in using your camera settings. We will go over the three key features to getting your camera off auto and learning the best settings for different setting situations.


Finding beautiful light anywhere, anytime and learning how to pivot on the fly.


Walk through a shoot from start to finish and my key shortcuts to making the back end of editing & storage manageable!


Softwares I use and trust, shortcuts in editing, photo storage